Frank London
Miléna Kartowski
Ash-with Aurelia Shrenker.
Julian Kytasty
Michael Alpert
Tzvetanka Varimezova
Seido Salifoski
YARA Arts Group
Slavic Soul Party!
Opa Cupa
Choban Elektrik
David Wilson, Eva Hausam, Museum of Jurassic Technology
Veveritse Brass Band
Nanuka Tchitchoua
Petrojvic Blasting Company
Merima Kljuco
Avi Avital

1988: Little Jimmy’s Favorites (track 21 features Eva at 3 years old)

2001: Edessa and Friends: Balkan Border Music

2005: Edessa: Bereket
Featured on “Kher Khereste”

2007: KITKA: The Rusalka Cycle: Songs between the Worlds
Featured soloist

2008: KITKA: Sanctuary: A Cathedral Concert
Featured on Track 12

2008: Slavic Soul Party: Teknochek Collision

2009: Opa Cupa: CPT (Centro di Permanenza Temporanea)

2009: Æ: Æ (Aurelia Shrenker and Eva Salina Primack)

2011: Beats Antique: Blind Threshold
Featured Guest, Track 10: Nasvalo.

2011: Rima Fand: Sol, Caracol
Track 13: Lullabye for a Sleeping Mirror

2012: Choban Elektrik: Choban Elektrik
Featured on “Çobankat” and “Moj Xhemile”


3 Responses to music

  1. Lindsey Anderson says:

    I heard (and quickly fell in love with) the song “Nasvalo” by Beats Antique featuring Ms. Primack and wondered, what do the lyrics mean/what is the song about? I cannot find any site with the lyrics written out much less a translation. Thanks!

    • Cris says:

      I am also looking for the lyrics to this song. Could you find it?

      • evasalina says:

        send an email to bookevasalina at gmail dot com and i will send you the lyrics… i assume you are referring to the song eva recorded with beats antique?

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