chants traditionnels yiddish et roms, eva & milena

memories from tour, march 2013

In March of 2013, I traveled to Paris, where Miléna Kartowski and I assembled a program of Yiddish and Romani Songs, mostly a cappella, which we then performed in a week of wonderful gatherings/performances that Miléna organized, with the collaboration and participation of a number of inspiring and committed Jewish and Romani organizations in France and Belgium. The work was inspiring and meaningful, and planted many seeds for future work.

our wonderful audience in ris-orangis:
DSCF0032photo: Armand Borlant

with the Romani community of Ris-Orangis (video Cecile Krys):

The Association PEROU’s piece about our time in Ris-Orangis:

appearance on tele bruxelles on march 12:

DSCF0119 photo: Armand Borlant

poster, brussels: flyer Eva Milena

tour itinerary, france and belgium march 2013:
March 7: Concert, Campement ROM de Ris-Orangis–Ambassade de Perou
March 9: Concert, Paris FR, Peniche de Anako
March 10: Concert, ACJ, Nancy FR
March 11: Master Class of Yiddish and Roma songs, Brussels 12h00-14h00
March 12: Concert in Brussels, Maison du Peuple
March 13: Concert at the Medem Arbeter Ring Center Paris

DSCF0181 photo: Armand Borlant

DSCF0157 photo: Armand Borlant

souvenir–i dried my bouquet and brought it home to brooklyn. a gentle and beautiful reminder of a powerful, moving, and heartwarming day.
DSCF0260 photo: Armand Borlant


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