Great review of the new record at NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

A native of Santa Cruz, California, Eva Salina Primack has been immersed in Balkan music and culture since she was a young child. She has studied with some of the greatest living singers of Balkan traditional music. Eva’’s rich, versatile, agile, deep and powerful voice and her enthusiastic, skillful, inspired and inspiring teaching have led her to quickly become a reknowned singer, interpreter, and teacher of Traditional Balkan Vocal music. Singing primarily through the traditions of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and the Romani people, Eva has also studied Georgian, Corsican, Traditional American, and Ukrainian singing.

Eva has collaborated to varying degrees (performing, touring, recording, and teaching) with many Balkan and American musicians, including Slavic Soul Party!, Which Way East, Kadife, Veveritse, Choban Elektrik, Seido Salifoski’’s Romski Boji, Édessa, Tzvetanka Varimezova, Italian Balkan/Jazz Project Opa Cupa and KITKA. Eva received a B.A. in Ethnomusicology from UCLA, where she studied extensively with Tzvetanka Varimezova. From 2009-2011 Eva toured primarily with Ash (Æ), a vocal duo focused on the traditions of the Balkans, Appalachia, Caucasus Georgia, and Corsica.

Currently, Eva is performing solo, developing her own band, Eva Salina, featuring many prominent New York-based musicians (Frank London, Patrick Farrell, and Ron Caswell), as well as collaborating with Bosnian-born concert accordionist Merima Ključo, singer Miléna Kartowski, and various other collaborations based in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. Eva resides in Brooklyn, NY, and performs and teaches nationally and internationally at camps, workshops and festivals.

From the backyard of the Museum of Jurassic Technology


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