Eva Salina Band’s APAP Debut at Maqam Fest

I’m thrilled that my new band will be making our APAP debut on January 11th at the 2nd annual Maqam Fest, co-produced by Alwan for the Arts and Center for Traditional Music and Dance.

We’ll be performing at 8:25pm.

The line-up for the evening is:
Frank London: Trumpet
Adam Good: Guitar/Çumbuş/Tambura
Ron Caswell: Tuba
Chris Stromquist: Percussion.

Maqam Fest will most likely sell out–there’s good reason–it’s an incredible lineup, and I’m thrilled and honored to be part of it.

IF you can’t get in to Maqam Fest…Later that night, at 1am, we’ll be performing at DROM as part of a benefit for Turkish Romani Clarinet Legend Selim Sesler.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Chestita Nova Godina!!!! Baxtalo Nevo Bersh!!!!!

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